Delivery/Terms and Conditions


Huge thanks for buying my artwork. I really hope you like it.

Each piece is handled with great care, love and attention, it may not appear but each piece is truly unique when each one is signed and titled by me. 

MON-FRI 9am-5pm 

We aim to process your order within 12-15 working days of your order being placed. We don’t send any items on weekends or bank holidays.  Processed means printing and packing and not sending. Once your item has been processed you will receive an email notification from me. If you receive this before 1pm your item would have left, if you receive this after 1pm and on a bank holiday and weekend your item will Leave the next available working day. 

all prints are supplied in a clear cello bag that when opened reveals a tacky edge.. use scissors to cut away or fold back on itself to stop any contact with the print.. this is very important 

The price you pay for postage covers postage and packing it does not represent how fast an item will be sent.. 

All items are unique artwork and are made to order, we use local specialist companies to aid in our printing and framing requirements and as such these things take time..

I am a team of 1 so please bare with me

If you are able to pick items up locally (minehead,Somerset)then you can enter code “localpickup” which will wipe the postage fee. Please note only use this code if you intend to pick items up direct from me. I won’t be travelling around delivering items unless otherwise arranged

If you are wanting a piece delivered Internationally (out of mainland UK and Republic of  Ireland) postage is set on the website and the cost will come up once you select your country at checkout 
Please note that with The effects of Brexit you may need to cover a customs charge your end. I'll do all I can this end to limit that charge but with the ever changing policies some countries will put on charges. 

Please take note that all prints listed are framed using an app for promotional use only. Prints do not come framed unless otherwise stated. 

Pre-order goods 
Any thing ordered alongside a pre-order product will be sent the same time as that pre-order product. Because of the single postage charge.  If you'd like anything to arrive quicker then a separate order would need to be made. 

On some occasions I will split an order up and send over 2-3 shipments depending on items ordered. For instance if you order a book and a large limited edition print I will send both separately. 

Returns & cancellation policy

Cancelling your order

All orders received are printed on demand, therefore once your order goes into production it makes it non-cancellable. Please ensure you check your cart is correct before making payment, please also make sure your address is entered correctly and up to date.

You have 1 hour from ordering your item to cancel it with us by emailing after that time we cannot guarantee that your order can be cancelled as it may already have begun production. If that is the case your order will be sent to you and a refund will not be provided.


Garry’s prints are being printed to order, so this makes them non-returnable should you change your mind. There is a no-returns policy on these products.

Replacement policy

If you received a damaged, misprinted, or otherwise faulty print, we will rectify this by reprinting your item free of charge.

Please contact us by email, reporting the problem within 48 hours of receiving your delivery at Please detail the error with your order and provide photos, and we will endeavour to come back to you within 24 hours to confirm your re-print request.

No refunds will be given for damaged, misprinted, or otherwise faulty orders they will be reprinted and replaced.


Returns will only be accepted on items that are damaged. You have 48 hours from day of delivery to raise any problems you may have with your order. If your order has been handled by a third party (framer/friend/collegue/pet/alien) then i cant accept any returns. All items are 100% handled and inspected by myself and nothing leaves intentionally damaged or faulty

I will not refund items because it doesn't match a colour scheme, you've changed your mind,your pet is offended by it.
You will always receive an item as described.
We offer a replacement policy not a refund policy  

Lost in post

 we need to give items up to 20 working days (IN THE POSTAL SYSTEM) to arrive before we can assume they won’t be arriving. Please contact us so we can discuss options.
Unfortunately I am not Amazon so items won't arrive within 24/48 hours. We are pretty lucky to have a service like that though.. maybe one day I can have a fleet of delivery drivers but until then I trust in the system we have. 

If you entered your address incorrectly resulting in an undeliverable item, we need to wait for that item to be returned to us and then another postage and packaging  charge needs to be paid before we can send again or you can place another order. 

In the event that an artwork gets returned to me because it wasn't collected from your sorting office a further charge will be applied to re send according to the current postal rates and packaging prices. 


No one likes to be told to suck eggs, but it's worth stressing that great care should be taken when removing the print from its packaging. Carefully and slowly remove it, and avoid pinching or tugging at the paper. Be careful not to rip the tissue paper as it may mark or damage the print. Please make sure the sticky part of the wrap doesn't come into contact with the face of the print, I know what damage this leaves.. 

Once  it's safely out of the packaging, you can remove the tissue paper, please make sure your hands are clean and dry before you handle the print. Avoid touching any element where ink or gold leaf is printed/applied. The surface of the ink can potentially mark and be permanently damaged, store in a dry and humid free environment.

the best way to protect your print is by framing it. Get a good quality frame made with premium materials to give your print better longevity and value while preserving the  inks and paper. 

if hanging your print in direct sunlight, use a uv reflective glass to prevent degradation of the ink that can happen over time when exposed to direct sunlight. 

From 1st January 2022 I will now be legally required to charge VAT on all items. VAT is included in the prices. 
Registration number: 396 5897 15

on checkout TAX means VAT

There is NO  VAT on books 

Thank you for choosing to support an independent BRITISH artist x