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“I’M OK’ Said The Bee

Amourendor’s Enchanted Cove, The secrets of the lost world

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Limited edition size

The Secrets Of The Lost Harbour 


"Amourendor’s Enchanted Cove"

In the ancient land of Amourendor, nestled along the rugged coastline, lies a hidden cove known only to a select few. This secluded inlet, shielded by towering trees and mystical fog, is rumored to be enchanted by powerful magic from a long-forgotten era.

Legend has it that the cove is a thriving hub of trade and magic, where ships from distant lands would dock to seek the wisdom of the enigmatic sorcerers who dwelt within its mist-shrouded depths. 

"Amourendor's Enchanted Cove" is not just a painting, but a portal to a realm of mystery and wonder, where the secrets of the lost harbor wait to be discovered by those brave enough to seek them out.

 This is a limited edition print release split into two sizes. 
there are only 50 available in the 12”x12” and 45 in the 16”x16” that means a total of just 95 prints of this image available worldwide and once they all sell no more will be released.

Each print comes signed and titled by the artist

Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity 

sent carefully rolled in a tube which is industry standard to do.

I would and always advise to get these professionally mounted and framed to extend the life and also displayed to its fullest potential. 

There is a white border around the image which shows the signature etc at the bottom, the actual overall size of each print can vary slightly but the image itself will always be 12”x12” or 16”x16” whichever you choose. 

As each one is made to order please allow 12-15 working days for delivery. (See separate drop down menu for more delivery details) 


Thanks so much for looking ♥️