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Garry Floyd

Bee’s Journey through the forest

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Bee's journey through the forest is a heart-warming story about a bee called…...Bee.
Bee has a special gift of making everyone around him feel joyful and optimistic. With bright yellow stripes and a contagious smile, Bee tries to make the world a happier place.
While buzzing through the forest, Bee encounters various creatures in need of a little boost. From a sad ladybird to a grumpy hedgehog, Bee uses a positive attitude to uplift their spirits.
Through vibrant illustrations and engaging storytelling, join Bee's journey which aims to remind us all to appreciate beauty and joy in the little things.

Reading ages: 3-7

Number of pages :20

Size of book: 140mm x 130mm
Perfect travel size

Printed on 350gsm silk paper making it hard for little ones to rip.

There are 4 options available

You can buy the book on its own or with a print that's ONLY available to buy with this book.
The print is available in 3 sizes
(A3/A4/A5) and is called "I bee-lieve in you." It features the characters from this book, it's beautifully drawn and will look stunning in any room.

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Book with A4 print RRP: £22.99 on offer at £14.99

Book with A3 print RRP: £29.99 on offer at £19.99

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